Why do people actually hate mathematics??



This isnt one of those posts explaining a question posed in the title… i’m actually curious - I Love mathematics.

I dont understand how people don’t like it, even when i find a concept hard to understand (which has been a lot, lately) I still enjoy it and want to figure it out. I have always loved it, all the way up through high school and now i’m majoring in it (and physics) at university. I honestly don’t understand why it gets so much hate, It’s Fun!! 

Most of my math grades were based on test and exam results, and I didn’t do well under the constraints of a time limit.  That more than anything presented math as something you had to do fast in order to be good at it, not unlike gym class, or the Reach For The Top club, or even just being the first person with your hand up the split-second you knew the answer to a question.

Now that I think about it, this explains the vast majority of other things I feel like I’m a failure at.  STOP MAKING ME DO THINGS QUICKLY I AM NOT A QUICK PERSON