Buddha wants you to be reminded that if you live like a fool – idle, lazy, without making any effort to transform your being, without making any effort to transcend your slavery, without making any effort to become a master – if you live like a fool, just eating and rolling in your sleep, like a hog in a sty, you will have to live again and again the same stupid life. You will have to repeat it. In fact you have already repeated it many times, and you have not yet understood why you are repeating it again and again, you have to learn the lesson. The lesson is freedom. If you don’t learn it you will be sent back to the same school, to the same grade again and again.
That is one of the greatest contributions of Indian spirituality to the world. India has contributed a few things; this is one of the contributions of great significance. The idea is that existence is an opportunity for understanding, for transcending, for going through a radical change. It is a school. Life is a school. If you learn rightly. If you discipline yourself rightly you will not be coming back again, you will exist in the universal. You will never become again a separate individual; you will never have to be an ego again. You will live an egoless existence, like the wave which has disappeared in the ocean.
That has been the ultimate goal of the mystics: to disappear into the universal, not to be separate; to melt and merge into the universal.



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